Why would I even be mad at you.


we have never been anything, there has not even been a ‘We’, Nevertheless, I still get mad, for no reason. And It bloody hurts, it is just like, if someone weren’t feeding you, but you feed yourself on their place, it is just so stupid.

I sometimes, think, about stop being friends, because It is toxic for me, and I think for you aswell, because I irritate really easy.


But I, aswell, think I love you. and stop being friends would kill me anyway.



We are from completely different worlds.


You are patient, you want to do everything right, if you do it you want it to do it the proper way, don’t want to mix things up.

I, in the other hand, am a nature’s force, I am wild and I want to live the moment, I want you, but you don’t want me as much as I do, I haven’t got to love you yet, but I assume soon the time will come, and the only salvation for me will be cutting my throat and making the life abandons my body gradually, because, I have reached the point, where I just want you to be with me.

I think, otherwise, you are confused, due to, you told me in a year or two, you’ll be ready to have something, and when I told you I would try to wait for you, you told me I wish you do.


I wish you do.

Good Morning || What does that suppose to mean?

Good morning everybody, Lately I have had so many good ideas for the blog, and I have brought one of them today. I don’t know if you guys, have seen Katy Perry’s new video Dark Horse, which is amazingly good to be hers.

In case you haven’t, go and see it, If you have, you just belong to here.

So, let’s get to the point. The videos is about a Pharaoh (Cleopatra) who as well is a Priestess, she has plenty of powers and everybody wants to go and get her, in Ancient Egypt A crazy long time ago. If you know something about ufology and conspiracy theories, you’d know, that if in the media, there is something related to Egypt, Pyramids, All-seeing-eyes. They are probably Illuminati.

BUT I wonder. Who the hell did tell everybody about how to spot an Illuminati thing? I mean, what if all these guys just wanted to have something about ancient egypt on their videos. Egyptian culture is so full of knowledge and stuff, apart from being exotic in some ways. Why are you telling me, or us, or everybody, that she doesn’t want to be in a egyptian-themed-video? And you make a fact that she is illuminati just because there is a pattern on their behave, so they must belong to some sort of secret group that is trying to tell us something or control us.



How does it feel to be poor. (not so)

There are few people that would say, money won’t buy happiness. WHAT THE PROPER F*CK! Money won’t buy happiness, but at least you could go somewhere, get some experiences you wouldn’t be having if you were poor.

And they, so philosophically would say, rich people aren’t happy, ME NEITHER AND I AM BLOODY POOR! So I’d rather have some bloody money and not be happy, than not having any and still being not happy. With money I would be as I am now, a normal person, ordinary one, who just wants to be something and live comfortably for fucking once god jesus christ! I hate those wankers that say, OMG money would corrupt you, guess bloody what! I would still be as I am now, so stop saying bullcrap about that thing, because those people that say so, are the people that have money to go to the cinema once a Week, get lessons 15€ per hours twice a week, and can go travel somewhere new twice a Year.

So please, If you know nothing about being poor, SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!!!!!

A first touch

Good evening, here where I am blogging this, it is almost ‘Good Night‘ but, whatever.

I reaaally need to study Protocol, but I seriously hate it. I would rather lay on my bed and watch three gazillion episodes of gossip girl, than that. Actually, I am doing it, I am starting Gossip Girl all over again, this time, in English. (It would sound really weird, but I am in Spain and I have just watched it in Spanish) I think that’s the first fact about me, I live in Spain. And the second, I love gossip girl.

So, I am up to nothing, I probably fail Proto-crap, and an episode of Gossip Girl is waiting for me.