How does it feel to be poor. (not so)

There are few people that would say, money won’t buy happiness. WHAT THE PROPER F*CK! Money won’t buy happiness, but at least you could go somewhere, get some experiences you wouldn’t be having if you were poor.

And they, so philosophically would say, rich people aren’t happy, ME NEITHER AND I AM BLOODY POOR! So I’d rather have some bloody money and not be happy, than not having any and still being not happy. With money I would be as I am now, a normal person, ordinary one, who just wants to be something and live comfortably for fucking once god jesus christ! I hate those wankers that say, OMG money would corrupt you, guess bloody what! I would still be as I am now, so stop saying bullcrap about that thing, because those people that say so, are the people that have money to go to the cinema once a Week, get lessons 15€ per hours twice a week, and can go travel somewhere new twice a Year.

So please, If you know nothing about being poor, SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!!!!!


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