Why would I even be mad at you.   we have never been anything, there has not even been a ‘We’, Nevertheless, I still get mad, for no reason. And It bloody hurts, it is just like, if someone weren’t feeding you, but you feed yourself on their place, it is just so stupid. I […]


We are from completely different worlds.   You are patient, you want to do everything right, if you do it you want it to do it the proper way, don’t want to mix things up. I, in the other hand, am a nature’s force, I am wild and I want to live the moment, I […]

Good Morning || What does that suppose to mean?

Good morning everybody, Lately I have had so many good ideas for the blog, and I have brought one of them today. I don’t know if you guys, have seen Katy Perry’s new video Dark Horse, which is amazingly good to be hers. In case you haven’t, go and see it, If you have, you just […]

How does it feel to be poor. (not so)

There are few people that would say, money won’t buy happiness. WHAT THE PROPER F*CK! Money won’t buy happiness, but at least you could go somewhere, get some experiences you wouldn’t be having if you were poor. And they, so philosophically would say, rich people aren’t happy, ME NEITHER AND I AM BLOODY POOR! So […]

A first touch

Good evening, here where I am blogging this, it is almost ‘Good Night‘ but, whatever. I reaaally need to study Protocol, but I seriously hate it. I would rather lay on my bed and watch three gazillion episodes of gossip girl, than that. Actually, I am doing it, I am starting Gossip Girl all over […]